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What Factors Influence Size, Shape, and Depth of Custom Minneapolis Pools?

What Factors Influence Size, Shape, and Depth of Custom Minneapolis Pools?

Drew Stoner
July 27, 2023
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If you’re considering custom Minneapolis pools, then you may wonder what factors influence the size, shape, or depth of the pool. Is the pool you’ve always envisioned actually realistic for your home? What should you be considering before getting a company to build your dream pool? In this blog post, we will cover all these questions and more.


One of the major factors affecting the size, shape, and depth of custom Minneapolis pools is the location, or where the customer actually wants the pool. Some people want a pool right next to their house, while others want a bit of separation. At Pinnacle, this is where our 3D design process comes in. We put the pool exactly where it would be in the real world so customers can see it before committing to the final build plan.

Where Utilities Are

Another thing that influences pool specifications would be where the utilities are. If there’s sewage lines, gas lines, electrical wires, then a pool will need to be built around it to avoid interrupting these essential services.

Home Aesthetics

In some cases, your home aesthetics can have a major effect on what kind of pool shape works best. If you have a modern home, for example, you may be comfortable with a pool that has a unique shape, like something hexagonal. Asymmetrical pools also work well with a modern aesthetic. Meanwhile, a classic home will usually work better with a more traditional, symmetrical pool design. If you’re stuck on what pool shape you want for your home, we recommend taking a look at our gallery for inspiration.

Activities and Situations

The kinds of activities and people you’ll have in the pool can affect what pool you should get. Here are a few considerations:


Whether you have children or you have friends with children who come over often, it’s a good idea to get a pool that has a shallow end. That way, they can play and wade around safely even if they aren’t confident swimming in the deep end yet.


If you enjoy diving for sport, then you’ll need a much deeper pool than someone who uses the pool primarily for laps. Typically, 8 feet or deeper is sufficient to ensure you don’t hit your head at the bottom of the pool. If you do enjoy swimming laps around the pool, you may want one that’s longer and narrower with a minimal shallow end (if any).


If you want to use a pool primarily for relaxing, you may want a shallow, smaller pool. These are referred to as “plunge pools.” It’s great for sitting in and taking a soak.

Custom Minneapolis Pools vs. Above Ground Pools

When you’re considering custom Minneapolis pools, you may wonder if an above ground pool kit would be a better option. In terms of customizability, in-ground pools are typically the best option. You can customize the depth and the function of the pool much more than you can with an above ground pool, whether you want a plunge pool or something to swim laps in. You can also make it have a custom shape, which can have a major effect on your home’s aesthetics.

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