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Is Your Pool Water Not as Clear as It Used to Be?

A deteriorating pool filter media can turn your relaxing oasis into a murky disappointment. Cloudy water, inefficient filtration, and increased maintenance needs are signs it's time for a change. Neglecting this crucial aspect of pool care can lead to bigger problems, such as equipment strain and poor water quality, ultimately affecting the health and safety of your pool. Don't let a worn-out filter media compromise your pool's beauty and functionality.

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Reach out to us, and we'll discuss your pool's specific needs. Our team will assess your current filtration system and recommend the best filter media option.

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Choose from a variety of high-quality filter media options tailored to your pool type and usage. We offer materials best suited for Minneapolis's climate.

Professional Replacement

Our skilled technicians will handle the replacement process, ensuring a seamless transition to your new, more efficient filter media.

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At Pinnacle Pool and More, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional pool care. Specializing in filter media replacement, we ensure your pool remains a sparkling, clean, and safe environment.

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