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About Pinnacle Pools

Pinnacle Pools built its first vinyl liner pool in 2013, and has been subcontracting pool work under another company that started in 1992. In 2017, Pinnacle Pools started doing more pool restoration work, and began taking on more and more plumbing and liner pool restoration projects. As the demand for these services continued to increase, Pinnacle Pools decided to create a dedicated pool company that focuses on plumbing, vinyl liner restoration work, customer service, and new retail pool construction. 

Pinnacle Pools

Strives to provide the ultimate customer experience through serving every customer in the best way possible. In today’s pool building industry, many companies “sell” the pool, but do not “build” the pool as services are subcontracted to random, non-certified pool builders. However, at Pinnacle Pools, we aim to do things differently by having certified pool builders in-house. Currently, we are one of four companies in the state of Minnesota that has these knowledgeable, keynote individuals on staff.

Over the Years...

Pinnacle Pools has gained partnerships with several national brands because these entities have recognized our commitment to excellence unlike a majority of our competitors. Because of this, Pinnacle Pools has a very special entry into the pool building industry.

The team at Pinnacle Pools brings a unique, first-hand experience approach to pool construction and repairs in Minnesota and the surrounding area. It is our mission to create a company that is founded in best practices known currently in the pool building industry, and be able to implement these methods into our current and future builds.

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Other Services

Pinnacle Pool is a full-service outdoor living company.

Pools, Hardscaping and more!

Get in touch with us today to take the first step in building your dream outdoor living space. Our experienced staff can answer any questions you may have about our process, and will include a free estimate.

Available Services

In-Ground Pools

Pinnacle Pool is the leading provider of in-ground vinyl pools in Minnesota.


We do more than swimming pools! We design and install custom hardscaping environments too.


What’s better than a nice warm spa on a chilly Minnesota night? We install spas!

Our unique 3D modeling process lets you experience your new pool before it's built

This technology saves you time and money. It also ensures that you’re part of the design process the whole way through – so there are no unwanted surprises in the end!

3D pool design minneapolis

We empower homeowners by building their dream outdoor living spaces and pools.